R.I.P: Hakha University Sayama COVID-19 in a Nunnak a Liam

Hakha University, Zoology Department ah haotu a simi Lecturer Daw Lin Kyaing cu August 5 ah COVID-19 in a nunnak a liam, tiah Hakha University nih an langhter.

“Taantakmi Daw Lin Kyaing chungkhar Hakha University nih kan ngaihchiatpi hna,” tiah Hakha University thawngthanhnak ah ngaihchiatnak an ttial chih.

Relchap Hakha COVID-19 Positive Thar Minung 8 an i Chap. Nihin (August 6) Hakha khua City Hall le Sizung ah minung 28 an check hna i minung 8 sin in COVID-19 zawtnak hmuh a si tthan.

June 10 in August 6 tiang, Hakha ah minung 1,817 an check cang hna i cu chung ah cun minung 432 sin in zawtnak hmuh a si.
Zawtnak a ngeimi minung 432 chung ah minung 303 nih damnak an hmu cang i, a dang minung 15 an nunnak a liam. An zohkhenh liomi hna mizaw 106 an um, tiah Hakha Township Public Healthcare nih August 5 ah a langhter. Crd: The Chin Journal


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