Nizan Minung Tam Tuk an Kah Hnanak Hlaing Thayar ah Lamzawhnak an Pehzulh Thotho

March 14 ah Yangon ramtthen, Hlaing Thayar ah palik le ralkap nih meithal in an kah hna i a tlawm bik minung 50 an nunnak a laim.

May be an image of child, standing, sitting, outdoors and text

Minung tam tuk an thih pin ah nizan zanlei thawk in Martial Law zong ralkap nih an nunter ko nain nihin ah minung tampi nih ralkap uknak duhlo lamzawhnak pehzul in an tuah thotho.

Nihin lamzawhnak zong ah meithal in an kah tthan hna caah atu tiang ah minung 2 an nunnak a liam i, hliamhma a pumi zong an um len hna.

Hlaing Thayar hi rianttuannak sehzung tampi a umnak a si i, Yangon ramtthen ah misifak an tam biknak pengkomh pakhat a si.

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March 15, Yangon



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