Mizoram Lunglei Ram Meikaang Cu Helicopter In An Phalh Cuahmah

Mizoram, Lunglei khua i ram meikaang cu minung thazaang lawng in thah khawh a si ti lo caah Indian Air Force nih Helicopter in an rak thahpiak hna.

Lunglei meikaang hi April 24 zinglei sml. 7:00 hrawng ah Saishi timi tlaang hrawng in aa thawk i Lunglei khua i Zotlang, Chenmari le Serkawn timi sang tiang a lawn.

Cun, Lunglei District chung lawng si loin Lawngtlai District lei tiang mei a lawn i meithat zung rianttuantu hna, Assam Rifle ralkap pawl, ramri congtu ralkap pawl le volunteer mipi i bawm in mei phelh an i zuam cuahmah.

Hi Lunglei ram meikaang hi amah tein a thomi si loin minung pakhatkhat nih hramhram in (asioah) daithlan in an kanghter sualmi a si kho, tiah an zumh.

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