Min Aung Hlaing Uico Rual Pawl Cu US Treasury Department Nih Dantat Nak Fak Taktak An Pek

Fabuary 1 zinglei suimilam 3 tluk hrawng ah hramhram in nawl ngeihnak cu NLD kut in an lak piak hna. Mah ruang ah mipi nih ralkap uknak an duhlo caah heh tiah sandahpiah nak an tuah. Thlapa thla hhni tluk hrawng duhlo nak langhter in sandah an piah cang ko nain ralkap lei nihcun nawl ngeihnak an lak mi cu an thlah duh hlei lo

Nawl ngeihnak an thlah duh lo long hmanh si lo in mipi sandahpiah tu pawl cu meithal daihter an timh hna i an daih duh hlei lo caah meithal nih heh tiah sualnak nei lo mipi bak cu an kap thluahmah hna. Tuchunni tiang ah hin ralkap kut in minung 600 reng lo an nunnak a liam cang tiah theih a si.

Ningcang lo tuk in mipi sandahpiah pawl a kapthahtu Min Aung Hlaing uico pawl cu tuni ah US treasury Department lei nihcun Myanmat Junta pawl nih phaisa lak nak ah an hman cem mi MYANMAR GEMS ENTERPRISE cu blacklist bak ah an chiah piak hna.

Biden administration hna nih febuary 1 thawk in Min Aung Hlaing uico pawl cu dantat nak an pek mi cu a kal tluang cuahmah ko tihmi vun hmuh le vun theih cu lunghmui taktak a si. A tang ah hin mirang ca rel kho mi caah mirang ca in an ttial mi ka vun thil chih.

BREAKING: U.S. BLACKLISTS MYANMAR STATE-OWNED GEMS ENTERPRISE. April 08 (Reuters) The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday imposed sanctions on a Myanmar state-owned gems enterprise in a bid to curtail the military junta’s ability to generate revenues, according to a statement.

The move is the latest from the Biden administration targeting the generals who seized power in Myanmar on Feb. 1 and have killed more than 600 people in demonstrations against the coup, according to a tally by an activist group. DISTROSCALE

“Today’s action highlights Treasury’s commitment to denying the Burmese military sources of funding, including from key state-owned enterprises throughout Burma,” Gacki, director of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, said in the statement.

The United States has already slapped sanctions on generals involved in the coup and some of their family members, as well as two conglomerates controlled by the military. Myanma Gems Enterprise, part of the country’s mining ministry,

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