Min Aung Hlaing Uico Pawl An Sual Ning Hi Kum 1 Ngakchiate Zong A Mit Ah An Kah Ko

Yangon ramtthen, Tamine Myothit No. 1 sang ah palik le ralkap nih kum 1 telawng a si rihmi ngakchia pate zong a mit ah Rubber Kuan in an kah.

Mipi kalnak Platform cung ah lente aa celh lio ah an kah hi a si. Nihin ah Kawlram huap in a tlawm bik minung 50 an thi cang.

Nihin Myanmar ah Minung 40 Leng an Nunnak a Liam Cang. Nihin March 27, atu tiang ah Myanmar ramchung ah a tlawm bik minung 40 leng an nunnak a liam cang.

Myanmar Now nih a fehter khawh ning ah nihin chun tiang ah khuapi 20 ah minung 44 an nunnak a liam cang tiah a langhter.

A nunnak a liammi hna chung ah kum 13 ngakchia pakhat aa tel pin ah sibawi pakhat zong aa tel. Credit: The Chin Journa

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