Min Aung Hlaing Nih Ai Bochan Tak Tak Mi (BGF) Boder Guar Forece Le KNU/KNLA Tatmaha Kah Dohnak+VIDEO

Karen ramkulh, Phapun district chung um Karen National Liberation Army tang um Tatmaha 5 hmunram chungah a luh mi ralhrang kut tang um Border Guard Force pawl le KNU hriamtlai phu Tatmaha 5 cu May 9, 2021 ni ah kahdohnak an tuah. Hi kong he pehtlai in Border Guard Force lei minung 11 an thi, tiah thawngpang theih a si.

Burmese Special Operation Task Force commandos on excercise March 2018 [1024x768] : MilitaryPorn

May 9, 2021 ni ah KNU Tatmaha 5 hmunram chung ah an kai mi ralhrang kut tang um Border Guard Force le KNLA hriamtlai phu Tatmaha 5 tatzin 102 hna cu Watungku lam then leikui lam cungah an kah, tiah thawng theih a si. Hi kahdohnak hnu zanlei ah KNLA hriamtlai phu nih hlathlai nak an tuah than i Border Guard Force ralkap ruak 11 an hmuh, tiah theih a si.

Today Yangon : Front of Myanmar Economic Bank WE ARE NOT SAFE . We, Myanmar citizens are not accept Myanmar military coup. We need Democracy. All of we want to free our

Border Guard Force ralkap lei a thi mi le hliamhma a pu mi pawl cazin tha tein theih khawh an si lo. An ruak 11 cu KNLA hriamtlai phu nih hmunram hlathlai nak an tuahnak ah an hmuhmi an si. BGF ralkap a thi mi pawl hi hriamnam an hmuh ti lo, an mah ruak lawng an si cang, tiah an chim. Atu tan ah Border Guard Force tatzin 2014 pawl cu an cawlcangh cuahmah mi hmuh khawh an si, tiah an chim.

Myanmar Police Power 2018 - YouTube

A tang video link te hi hmeh piak law tuni an ni kahdoh nak video na zoh khawh lai.

Video link

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