Tuni Kan Laitlang Khualipi Hakha Thil Cangmi Cu Ngaihchia Tak Tak Bak A Si

Hakha ah COVID-19 Zawtnak a Ngeimi Minung 12 an Hmuh Hna. Nihin (June 22) ah Hakha Christian Minister Fellowship (HCMF) le sizung lei i bawm in minung 48 cu COVID-19 an ngeih le ngeih lo checknak an tuah hna i, minung 8 nih COVID-19 zawtnak an ngeihmi an hmuh hna.

No photo description available.

Sizung ah a dang tein an checkmi hna chung in minung 4 nih COVID-19 zawtnak an ngeihmi an hmuh ve hna caah nihin Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak a ngeimi minung 12 hmuh an si.

Cucaah, Hakha khuasa hna nih leng ah chuah tuk loin inn ah um (Stay at Home) ding in forhfialnak zong an tuah.

Thantlang zong ah minung 40 an check hna i minung 3 sin in COVID-19 zawtnak an hmuh chap, tiah thawng kan theih. Crd: The Chin Journal

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