Kyaw Kyaw Thihnak Kong He Pehtlaiin Senthang Organization Of USA Le Senthang Churches USA Nih Cathanh An Chuah Ve Cang

Mizoram Sangau khua ah a nunnak a liammi Kyaw Kyaw @ Kyaw Myint thihnak kong ah Senthang Organization of USA le Senthang Chjurches USA nih a tanglei bantukin Statement cu an chuah.

Mitampi nih an hmuh khawh cio nakhnga share tuahnak in bawm cio uh. President (SOUSA) Van B Lian tiin theihternak an ngeihmi cu Global Chinland ah an van langhter. Statement an chuahmi cu a tanglei hmanthlak hi van rel khawh a si.

Credit: Global Chinland

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