Free Online English Grammar Cawnnak Cu Thaizing June 1 In An Thawk Cang Lai

Laiholh tein Online English Grammar Cawnnak cu 2021 June 1 in kan thok cang lai. The Hakha Times facebook page ah siseh, YouTube Channel ah siseh, kan rak thlah lai.

Cachimtu hi Chin Christian University (CCU) ah Mirang ca a chim lio mi Sayama Tha Cin Sung @ Tete Sung a si.

Atulio kan ram boruak ruang ah sianginn kai khawh a si lo i alak (free) tein English Grammar cawnnak caantha hi rak tlolh ve hrimhrim hlah!

Cawn caan

Zinglei fatin suimilaam 9:00 AM

Cawn ding mi le cawn nithla

June 1 = Nouns

June 2 = Pronouns

June 3 = Adjectives

June 4 = Verbs

June 5 = Adverbs

June 6 = Prepositions

June 7 = Conjunctions

Hi Laiholh tein English Grammar Cawnnak hi US Embassy hruainak tang ah a um mi Chin State US Exchange Alumni City Hub cawlcanghnak in tawlrel mi a si.

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